How much does a DJ cost?


In today’s article, we share with you the pricing aspect of DJs and live entertainment.

What does it cost to book professional DJs & entertainment?

The general rule is whether it’s a band, musicians or a DJ, those guys and girls are professionals. They’ve learned their trade for many many years and it’s what they do for a living. If you’re booking a professional DJ, musician or band the act will usually be charging you a fixed fee to perform. A fee for the gig.

Generally, our DJs cost £300-£500 (2019 pricing) to entertain you for the evening as a performance fee and some travel from London and surrounding areas to your event. Live musicians are exactly the same. If you were to go to an agency and book, you would pay £1500.00-£3,500.00+ for a professional wedding band. The reason is, depending on the act, three – six musicians, maybe a sound engineer, crew and the agent needs to be paid. The crew and musicians also usually travel up to 100-miles to the event or wedding and sometimes even further!

Each key person usually requests £300 – £500 a head to entertain you for the evening, including their travel, time and don’t forget these guys and girls are leaving their home around 3-4 in the afternoon to spend the whole evening with you, even if they are only spending a few hours actually performing their set. Professionals give you 100% dedication and commitment and plan their lives around these events and weddings.

So that’s the going rate in 2019 for a professional DJ, MC or musician to come and play for you.

Specifically, when considering pricing for professional DJs, discos, sound and lighting, there is a good reason why no pricing is on websites. The reason is every event is different and these services are designed each time for your individual event requirements.

If we look at the lower price bracket of the market such as mobile discos, that person/people will usually have a small amount of equipment in their business. They are likely to offer you a package, such as a ‘bronze, silver, gold package’ which basically changes the amount they charge you depending on the amount of equipment they bring. They usually box that into three or four different packages for you to pick from. This makes life simple and cheap for the client but also puts major limits on your options and the quality of the entertainment supplied. They then (sometimes!) gear into their pricing the cost of coming to see you, setting up and packing down the equipment.

At Potter Group, we supply professional DJs that will perform for you, along with the same cost line mentioned above. We supply professional nightclub trained DJs for events and weddings. You can find out what we think makes a fantastic DJ in our recent article; What Makes A Good DJ?

We can supply you a DJ to perform at any private event, corporate event or wedding throughout the UK and also offer the option to fly abroad to perform. Our DJs arrive with the front end (which is two decks, a mixer, and media) and come ready to perform. We’d expect you to supply the sound and lighting and would discuss this with you in advance. High-profile DJs may even supply you with a ‘rider’ which is a list of equipment they will need you to supply in order for them to perform. We are always available to help you with all this detail so don’t worry!

However, most clients within 100 miles of our HQ in Northampton ask us to design and provide the sound and lighting. Potter Group is a professional AV (Audio-Visual) company and offers a high-quality bespoke service for any event that matters! We supply the perfect sound systems for bands, musicians and DJs specifically for the venue of your choice. We would then schedule a meeting to discuss event lighting. For an overview on why lighting is so important, read our article here; Why is event lighting so important?

So to sum up, the reason why we can’t put pricing on our website is that it’s all completely bespoke based on individual requirements at the events and weddings that book us.

At Potter Group, we boast a warehouse full of state of the art equipment and everything is designed for each client to suit your individual requirements. Hence why every event is different. No event is created equal. Every event is priced according to the service level you require.


“We look forward to putting the ‘WOW’ into your event”

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