#letscreate ‘The 80’s’

One awesome theme party!

The Venue: Private – Marquee by T&L Marquees

The Event: Private

The Design:

The first item booked were two 8ft flame towers to the grand entrance! Working with the client we then booked and managed live actors and entertainers including Mr T (UKs number 1) as the doorman, a small person ‘A Team’ tribute so serve welcome drinks & fire poi and flame dancers. The A team van was also positioned on the entrance which certainly got some attention! This combination made the perfect wow factor entrance for initial impact and excitement for the guests on arrival. The marquee boasted wow factor carpet of Red, Green, Blue & Yellow! The carpet which totally enhanced the marquee and gave the desired high impact first impression.

Following supper the big show started with a total black out strobe lighting and Frankie goes to Hollywood! The stage shows were a complete surprise for the revellers who were wowed as the living legend, the one and only Keith Chegwin took to the stage! Keith wowed the crowd with his own legendary style totally engaging the audience and delivery a show over andaobove expectations!  Taking the role of host following his show Keith introduced two fabulous acts that followed including awesome shows by 80s superstar Timmy Mallett & an outstanding Michael Jackson tribute supplied by Navi.

Our nightclub DJs took the helm late evening with an after party which continued until the very early hours!


Creating the entertainment area: To enforce the event theme, the main entertainment area boasted an array of decorative lighting, furniture, props and special effects including:

  • Illuminating bar
  • Multi coloured illuminating poseur tables
  • Fabrication and props
  • Illuminating motion curtains
  • Large Rubiks cubes from the ceiling
  • Packman chasing ghosts around the marquee walls
  • Monster Mirror balls
  • Stunning polished dance floor
  • Programmed intelligent lighting
  • Stage lighting
  • Outdoor lighting to the main house
  • Illuminating LED furniture


The entertainment:

  • Nightclub DJ by Potter Group
  • Keith Chegwin
  • Timmy Mallett
  • Michael Jackson tribute supplied by Navi
  • Mr T Lookalive
  • Small person ‘A Team’
  • ‘Kandy Girls’ fire dancers
  • Videography (Luke)


How it came together:

…. sorry that’s one for us and our client!


What the client thought:

“Matt Potter believe me I am not one to dish out complements very often but that party was ‘OUTSTANDING’ if you require a testimonial or anything you just have to ask… you should see some of the text messages and comments from guests! JUST MEGA!…when can we do it all again!!!!” – Private client



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