#letscreate ‘Amazing weddings’

One amazing wedding day for Dan & Lucy!

The Venue: Brampton Grange, Brampton, Northampton

The Event: One amazing wedding day for Dan & Lucy

The Design:

We love enhancing this stunning venue for amazing weddings.

After nearly 10 years working as a part of the fabulous tema at Brampton Grange the venue is now a first choice destination for the most fabulous and amazing weddings.

We enhanced the venue with a selection of products including wall draping, event lighting and entertainment. Our team was on hand all day ensuring the AV was on point for the guests arrival, wedding breakfast and evening reception.

The client had a very clear vision of what they wanted to create for the key stages of the wedding and we loved being a part of the team that created an absolutely perfect day!


Creating the entertainment area: To enforce the event theme, the main entertainment area boasted an array of decorative lighting, furniture, props and special effects including:

  • LED bar
  • Illuminating poseur tables
  • Wall draping
  • Stunning polished dance floor
  • Programmed intelligent lighting
  • Stage lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Illuminating LED furniture
  • Ceiling decor
  • Red carpet arrival
  • Mood lighting


The entertainment:

  • Nightclub DJ by Potter Group
  • Band: The legendary WHITEROOM
  • Videography (We Are One)



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