#letscreate ‘Fabulous weddings’

A stunning wedding at Fawsley Hall.

The Venue: Fawsley Hall

The Event: The marriage of Samantha Dallas and Kyle Grant

The Design:

Entertainment designed, managed and produced by Potter Group.

We designed a production with a colour scheme of warm ivory and sparkle.

Services including entertainment, sound, advanced lighting, special effects and props.

We worked closely with our client to create the perfect event and it was one ‘fabulous’ evening.

Thank you for having Potter Group.


Potter Group supplied:

  • Room design and table plan for reception
  • Event design, production and management
  • Lighting & special effects
  • LED furniture
  • Prop design, fabrication and installation
  • Nightclub DJ
  • Videography (shot by the legendary Harry Russell)



Contact us and #create your perfect event – 07714896444

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