#letscreate ‘Grease’

One awesome ‘Grease’ themed party!

A Potter Group production from design to completion

The Venue: Private – Marquee by Potter Group

The Event: Private

The Design:

The design was drawn up carefully to consider installation of the theme from the moment guests arrived. We were blessed with stunning surroundings which gave us the perfect platform to create one of the best parties of our career to date!

The marquee was designed to have key areas including:

  • Black and white dance area
  • ‘Frosties Palace’ themed bar and American diner area
  • Grease Car photo booth
  • Drive in Movie
  • Fairground area
  • Vintage American style BBQ
  • Authentic vintage roadster vehicle arrival
  • Authentic fairground lighting and bunting
  • The list goes on…


Creating the entertainment area: To enforce the event theme, the main entertainment area boasted an array of decorative lighting, furniture, props and special effects including:

  • American Diner Bar
  • Fabrication and props
  • 10ft Grease Logo
  • Stunning polished dance floor
  • Programmed intelligent lighting
  • Stage lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Illuminating props

The entertainment and A team:

  • Nightclub DJ by Potter Group
  • Photography by Potter Group
  • Videography (We Are One) by Potter Group
  • Live Band (Whiteroom)
  • Pro MC (Nick Cochrane) by Potter Group
  • Food by Potter Group
  • Marquee by Potter Group
  • Event planning, production and management by Potter Group

How it came together:

…. check out the video!


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