#letscreate ‘Africa’

One awesome Africa themed party!

The Venue: Private – Marquee by Intents Marquees

The Event: Private

The Design:


The marquee plot was stunning alongside a fabulous water reserve. It was an exciting start to the evening for the guests who enjoyed a champagne reception while the sun set across the water.

The seated guests were treated to a wonderful supper delivered by the very talented Sarah Hollowell catering company.

Following speeches by some of those most special the evening kicked off with the Potter Group nightclub DJs and full lighting production in a Fire Orange and piercing ice white sparkle installed some serious wow factor!

Our nightclub DJs took the helm and moved the evening forward with a musical Journey opening with the legendary bands Led Zeppelin and ELO!

The after party continued until 7am!!!

Creating the entertainment area: To enforce the event theme, the main entertainment area boasted an array of decorative lighting, furniture, props and special effects including:

  • Copper bar
  • Multi coloured illuminating poseur tables
  • Fabrication and props
  • Stunning polished dance floor
  • Programmed intelligent lighting
  • Stage lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Illuminating LED furniture

The entertainment:

  • Nightclub DJ by Potter Group
  • Photography (Stacey)
  • Videography (We Are One)

How it came together:

…. sorry that’s one for us and our client!

What the client thought:

“Matt Potter I really can’t thank you enough for making the birthday party so utterly amazing. So many comments about the evening / morning! Matt Potter you are a legend!!! – Fi Wilson 


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