Mood Lighting will create the perfect ambience for entertainment in any chosen venue

Choosing the right venue can be very difficult, not only do you have to consider the capacity and facilities but you also want something that looks right. You can’t change the room, hall or marquee that you have hired, but you can enhance it or alter the ambience.

Decorating your venue with drapes and linen can be very expensive. Our exclusive LED lighting effects are a much more cost effective solution to transform any chosen venue into beautiful place and a lasting memory.

‘With the use of clever lighting our team will style your venue making it look bigger, brighter, cooler, cosy or romantic…’

At ‘Potter Group’ we use state of the art high tech mood lighting in a range of colours and formats to give your event or party that extra special touch.

Mood lighting creates ambience and structure in any chosen venue. It will help create the perfect mood for dancing, entertainment in key areas.

Mood lighting is also perfect for washing venues with colour schemes or themes.

Our design team will use mood lighting to create ‘the look’ you require.

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