Welcome to the ultimate ‘Wow Factor’ in DJ entertainment…DJ LIVE!

DJ LIVE mixes nightclub DJ sets with live artists including live saxophone and live percussion. This amazing DJ Live entertainment solution gives you a variety of services which will give your event structure, sophistication and wow factor!

The show can be booked with one or two live additions Sax, Percussion or both!

  • Nightclub DJ
  • Saxophonist
  • Nightclub percussionist

What’s included in the Live DJ shows:

  • Live nightclub DJ professionally mixing music from all generations and guided by any playlist you supply
  • Live saxophonist who plays solo and alongside the DJ & percussionist
  • Live nightclub percussionist who also plays solo and alongside the DJ and saxophonist
  • Awesome sounds systems
  • Amazing event lighting

What happens with DJ Live:

Early on: We can supply a solo set from our sax player or percussionist for mix and mingle moments or reception drinks at your wedding. Playing alongside latin house, beach vibes or something more traditional… the choice is yours… They often play as a duo!

Later on: Your ready to dance! The DJ starts solo and then is joined by either or both our sax player and percussionist as the party hots up!

Imagine all three professional nightclub artists playing alongside each other and holding a packed dance floor!


Add to this your own Potter Group Event Lighting design and install the 100% ‘Wow Factor’ we all desire for amazing events!



*Prices will depend on your individual requirements and venue location.


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