About Potter Group’s products and pricing:


Main products:

  • DJ’s
  • MC’s
  • Indoor and outdoor event lighting
  • Event audio and production
  • Marquee hire and marquee management




How to book us and pricing:

We have a large warehouse full of great event gear! To price most of our products we require a certain amount of information from you before we can quote.

Depending on the service(s) you require and in addition to the date , type of venue & location we may need:

  • DJ’s – what sort of music & times?
  • MC’s – what are your requirements?
  • Lighting – What type of lighting, what colour, what theme, what’s the production?
  • Event audio – What size is the venue, what type of audio?
  • Marquee – the options and style choices are vast therefore we need to talk to you first.


So, in short quoting for many of our services is impossible until we have discussed your requirements.


Just want to book a DJ/Disco set?

When booking a DJ, Sound and Lighting what should you be asking?

Here’s the big 3!

  • How will it look?
  • How will it sound?
  • How well will the music be mixed and what are the DJ’s credentials?

The answer to theme 3 will qualify the cost automatically for you!

Our DJs are all nightclub DJs and are still active at many clubs and festivals. We give you the opportunity to supply a detailed playlist which we will use to tailor the music style to suit your taste and keep the dancefloor busy.

Our DJs are often booked for corporate functions, weddings and private parties in the UK and abroad.


Booking a Potter Group DJ is simple:

  • Email us to book a DJ from £495.00 (plus vat) for a 4 hour set. (Additional hours can also be booked).
  • Once you have booked your DJ we can then, if required, quote to supply your sound and lighting requirements.




NOTES: When we travel long distance and abroad accommodation and travel costs will often be required. When DJing abroad we can send you a technical rider so you can book the AV equipment we require.

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