Make it a ‘Night to Remember’!

Our events team have vast experience and help corporate and private clients design and produce successful themed events.

We’ve got entertainers, technicians, fabricators and a warehouse full of props and all the ingredients required to make your chosen themed evening a complete success.

Below are just a small selection of popular themed events that we can offer you. There is always something new and current so get in touch to discuss your requirements and create a party ‘Mr Gastby’ would be proud of!

Lets make it happen!

Northern Soul Image

A Motown & Northern Soul Evening

Where it all started, needing no introduction this evening is all about dancing, grooving and doing the stuff you’ve not done in years.

With talc on a polished dancefloor your feet won’t stop!

Featuring the best Djs who lived it and still do – A real treat.

007 Bond

Bond 007

Transform your venue into an amazing Casino Royale.
Featuring sharply dressed secret agents and glamorous bond girls!

Playboy Mansion

Playboy Mansion

Open the door to the Playboy Mansion, gentleman dust off your smoking jackets, and ladies it’s your chance to become a playboy bunny for the night!
Ears & tails a must….. If you dare!



The greatest 70’s disco!

Slip on your stacks & sharpen your collars, the funk has arrived…
flares are a must!


I love the 80’s

Let us take you on a journey, into a decade of dance classics from Michael Jackson to Madonna, New Order and Bon Jovi …. Non stop memories to dance the night away.
P.S. don’t forget the illuminous socks!

School Disco

School Disco

Relive the days of your lives!!
Transforms your venue into a school Playground featuring Hop Scotch, a tuck shop and net ball. Watch out for the prefects and don’t get caught kissing behind the bike sheds!

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